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IKAR Real Assets Group Limited, is a London based company, which has entrepreneurial activities in the real estate and hospitality sector.


IKAR Real Assets is working as broker of exclusive real estate projects especially in major cities in Europe.


IKAR Real Assets is also active as investor or co-investor in promising real estate projects, either in commercial, residential or logistic properties.


IKAR Real Assets is in the process of setting up its own Hotel Brand, which will operate as management company of third party properties and or its own properties.


IKAR Real Assets has a general geographical focus on Europe, GCC and emerging countries


Bena Pindolia


Bena Pindolia is the President and Partner of IKAR Real Assets Group Limited. With her considerable business acumen in Real Estate and Investments, spanning 10 years, in addition to her entrepreneurial spirit. Bena successfully runs her own business based out of London, where she has pooled her most valued resources to the benefit of her clients, consequently transcending excellence

Andrea Graeser


Andrea Graeser is the CEO and Partner of IKAR Real Assets Group Limited, London. Andrea is looking back to a successful career in the real estate sector which spans already more than 25 years. More than 10 years ago she established her own brokerage company, based in Spain, which expand over the years into interior design and renovation as well.


Introduction To IKAR Group 


IKAR Industries is the operational Holding of the group and the various IKAR partially or wholly owned companies. Accordingly, the sought-after extraordinary valuation multiples shall be derived from direct administrative and operational responsibilities in line with IKAR’s corporate culture, investment thesis, and future development strategy.

IKAR Industries is utilizing its decades of entrepreneurial experiences, industry know-how and its global network on the management level and is doing either direct investments or in co-operation with co-investors.

IKAR Industries has chosen promising sectors to invest and operate within in the upcoming years and laid already the structure for operational performance

IKAR industries currently focuses on industry sectors:

Energy, Real Estate, Sports, Construction, Cyber Security, Aviation, Health, Services, Defense and Hospitality.

To know more about IKAR Group

A Multi-Tiered Entrepreneurial Group


17 Savile Row, Mayfair W1S 3PN, London,United Kingdom
Email: andrea.graeser@ikarholdings.com